As a global company, we are aware of our responsibility – not only towards our guests but also towards our employees and our environment. The best quality for us, therefore, also includes a sustainable approach to resources. This way our delicious ingredients taste even better.


Before we open our doors, we think of much more than just our delicious food.

Before we even fire up our grills, we need to think of a lot – such as environmentally responsible restaurant concepts, the consistently high quality of our products, the origin of our ingredients, the continuous training of our employees and, of course, providing great taste to our guests. This is our commitment to you and we work on this every day.


Genuine taste starts at the origin.

We have always been selective when choosing our products; origin plays an important part in our choice. We are currently in the process of vetting local suppliers, and have successfully signed with a number of local suppliers already. Depending on the season, we source our products – such as the tomatoes or the onions on your burger – directly from regional farmers. We can track our supply chain entirely and trace our ingredients back to their place of origin at any time.

The fact that our suppliers meet all the standards and guidelines relating to animal husbandry is regularly monitored and plays an important role for us. Because of the superior quality of our ingredients and the great taste that only freshness can guarantee, we are able to purposefully avoid using flavour enhancers and artificial flavours. 




Better taste with a good conscience.

Grilling is one of the leanest ways to cook meat, and we also make sure we know exactly what is in our ingredients. Nutiritional information on all our products can be obtained from our website. Of course, we also offer lots of taste with especially low fat and calories. Just take a look at our Delight products.

Naturally, we are also aware of our responsibility towards our smaller guests. BURGER KING® therefore champions a responsible approach to advertising aimed at children. As part of this voluntary commitment, we only advertise products which correspond to these specific nutritional guidelines. This means that we only promote the KING BOX™ with fewer than 560 kcal in each menu, without artificial colours and flavourings. 

You can find out what other goodies we have in the KING BOX™ Here:



At home across the world for charitable activities.

With the BURGER KING® MCLAMORESM Foundation (formerly the HAVE IT YOUR WAY FOUNDATION), we want to give a little something back to the community in which we work and live. The BURGER KING® MCLAMORESM Foundation has made it a goal to promote charitable organisations and activities in the entire company by using the power of the BURGER KING® brand to collect donations and distribute them globally. The entire BURGER KING® system has committed to support society through the foundation locally, nationally and globally.

BURGER KING® South Africa has committed to supporting Room to Read. Founded in 2000, Room to Read has transformed the lives of seven million children in Africa and Asia by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. In 2013, the Foundation and Room to Read will continue working together to establish 10 libraries in South Africa and Southeast Asia. 

Using this global solidarity within the company, we wish to promote the growth of charitable activities and have a long-term positive influence on the lives of people across the world.


The best employees and the best taste.

The best burgers require the best ingredients – which also include the right employees with a passion for quality and freshness. BURGER KING® South Africa is always on the lookout for people to join our rapidly expanding team. As we grow and roll-out our restaurants nationally, we need great staff to help us bring our great taste to all of South Africa.

We provide extensive training and career development. Our trainees learn everything about taste, freshness, quality and system catering. Naturally we support them in doing so. For one day of their training, dedicated trainees even get an entire restaurant to manage. Anyone would acquire a taste for that!